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Xydra's flame forging
I can make any flame you want

dual flames
ring flames
stable flames (will cost more)
wing flames
any quad flames
custom flames

15% over forging price (eg. 50k forge price, cost 57.5k)

will call and help forge flames with you
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can i have an arm flame? like not a huge one

Absolutely! Talk to me on discord and we can get it worked out for you.

Just bought some flames of this man right here, we sat in discord for a good while and he talked me through every little option in the forge until we got exactly what I was looking for. Made it so easy for me, thank youuuu! <3

Looking for custom flames $$. Please message me on Discord XxanamyxX#9218.
Not intelligent, just dedicated.
.:: Discord | Xanny#0798 ::.
I just bought this masterpiece from him.
We spent hours arguing about every little detail to make it perfect.
Incredible guy and super attentive.