Muay Thai Championship Series 2020
opener is just insane.
holy shit.
simplicity at its finest.
that spinny balerina shit was dope.
grab was creative as shit.
how the fuck do you even do that shit in such a heavy grav.
you scrapped uke and didn't split him. I was expecting a split but leg dm.
it was meh.
knee dm pret neat.
scissor thingy was werido material.
decap was coolio.

neat, i guess you should redo the shit before the dm pattern starts, it looked messy and very weird in case of movements. Could go for something better or maybe edit the ED to make it easier and cleaner to start the dm pattern. It just looked too close for comfort imo. Otherwise movement before that shit was legit amazing, i love this ballerina type of style you're getting into and you're getting a hold of it pretty nicely my dude. The spins were just splendid. I love you.
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opener is pretty nice
lift was rather weird but it got the job done so whatever
a bit of silence between the lift and the dms but i like the movement for the knee dm
dms were good and clean but really, no decap? i appreciate not taking the obvious dm pattern but it just feels off here, uke was asking for it bro
made this idk when but not recently and i didnt finish it and im too lazy to do that now so uh hello
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it's a pretty cool spinny opener but you did indeed get bored of it, the dm was pretty meh and lacked flair to me, you could probably brew up something better by editing around 320
got bored of this: opener wasn't too complex at first but I liked how you followed up well with this flow. Your speed was amazing and you started moving at the very moment you touched the floor. I think this starting was very creative and I really liked your movement, I had to watch it many times in order to formulate a proper opinion xD. One of my favorite things in this opener was this foot grab, it didn't make a difference at all (visually) but the grab sound made it lovely to watch

Now, from then on, there are a couple things that didn't please much as much as the beginning. In spite of the speed you got and a really good position you managed to get with a great control of your momentum and flow, around frame 369 you lost grip of the floor and just killed the momentum. I'm not saying you have to keep your tori at 70 sm the whole time but you killed your momentum just after you acquired it, what makes your replay more somewhat "random" due to the lack of a pace/fashion in your patterns.
Nothing really wrong about it, just personal thoughts

to the dms, if you go to frame 316 you'll see that you had your chest fully rotated at the moment you hit uke. Regarding to this you lost power after hit, you had almost no spin after this hit because you "spent" it before even hitting uke and then your tori just freezes and float towards the ground. However, I don't see how you could avoid all this while keeping this good movement and dms as you was really close to uke, getting this angle would be a pain in the ass so... This worked fine :^)

I wouldn't be able to make this replay any better, but just have in mind these thoughts while making your next replays if you agree with me

Overall this is pretty nice dude, gg ♥
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