Weekend Bash
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An Optional Vote kick
Everybody knows that when you start toribash Chances are, online youre going to face people who will annoy the Crap out of you, Or just troll in general.

A solution to that might be A Vote kick.

A vote kick is almost self explanatory, You could Bring up
a poll and somebody would type 1 or 2 For a kick. 1 being
yes and 2 being no. It would really solve the problem in
servers like Boxing or Judo where there isnt an opped person
and You can do is just sit back and watch them Troll or you
have to leave.

A Vote Ban might work the same way. Or it could be automatic
On the 3rd kick maybe. It would make the game alot more fun
To keep a fair Democracy upon the players.

Boy this was a long post. Dont lose interest.