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Original organizations.
Far too often you see awful carbon copies of pre existing orgs, they tend to be copies of an org for a mod with just a very slightly different variant. (See Team Aikido & Team GreyKido)

Now my suggestion is that another rule should be enforced so that all orgs must have some sort of originality and variants of the same org should not be allowed.
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I'm a tad on the fence about this, and here's why: I feel that it'd limit the amount the diversity within the Organization's category, and combining two 'similar' mod Teams may result in some sort of dismay. From your example, despite that both Teams focus on similar mods, each have their uniqueness in that they both play out differently. At the same time however, I do see the point that's being made here; both teams share some form of resemblance in their overall mechanics, they are just modded and played differently.

That's just my thought on it, anyhow. . .
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Do Orgs actually serve any purpose now? I thought people make them just because they can these days. No matter how they call themselves as long as hardly anyone outside the org cares about their existence.
I don't see how putting a rule like that in, I mean no matter what they'll be copies pre-existing organizations no matter how strict the rule would be. People will find ways to get around it no matter what.