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Control + Z for Op's
Kind of like the Ctrl + Z that makes your Tori do it's previous move, how about a Ctrl + Z for things like accidental Force Specs and Mutes? Say you accidentally spec someone and didn't mean to, you just press ctrl + Z (or another key as this is already binded) and it instantly undo's what you did.

It's only a minor change, but would make things much easier for OP's to organise.

Why don't you just change to something like ctrl a or something like instead of getting rid of controll z
I hate all games
this would probably take too much effort, when you could just nudge someone back to their previous position, or unmute them.
I'm talking about a multiple use thing. So you could force spec everybody, mute them, and put lockdown on, and then instantly take it off. It would help betting rooms tremendously.
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So you could force spec everybody

they can enter on their own, i don't see why you would need to fenter everyone back in
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mute them

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and put lockdown on, then instantly take it off.

why is it necessary to do all of this? to do this, then instantly take it back?
undo for replays would be cool. (Singleplayer only)
for example a button takes you from frame 100 to 110 or sth.
But your suggestion looks useless for now. There's a few servers with more than 10 players. No need to change anything for them.
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