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A simple command
It's pretty damn bad when you get into a tourney room and you don't know how long it's gonna take to start, even if it periodically shows it. there should be a simple command such as /time or /countdown and the server would show you how long it will take for the tourney to start.
this is a pretty easy and simple command to add that would surely help everyone that's usually on tourneys.

another good possibility suggested by shockey
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i think it popping up when you join the server like "x minutes remaining" would be way better.

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This would be rather useful. it's always a nuisance when you join and have to wait however many minutes before the next time period left shows up. Especially if you need to know a time frame of how much time you have left doing something. Simple, yet efficient and useful.

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also when the tourneys have started it says x matches left but the thing is thats only the amount of players currently playing

I might be wrong, correct me if i am.