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Textures/Set Glitch-Exploit
Id like to address a very important exploint that is so easy to do and not sure if it is suppose to be there. Its for the develeopers or admins. Contacts me via pm for more information if i post the issue on here it will only let other people Gain free tc. Thank you
Do you mean the custom folder? Most people already know about it, if that's the case. If that's what you mean, then exploiting it to steal other people's textures is against the rules and punishable. No worries dude.
I think the custom folder only shows the textures on your screen, because if your changing a folder in your files, how could other people see it. So if it is the custom folder, don't worry.
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If you still think this is an exploit pm it to me. I'll close this thread to avoid useless posts