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Broadcasting non-event servers.
Hi! I'd like to know whether it is considered a broadcast abuse if I was to advertise, say, a public or private room, just to play several wonderful Toribash games with some other players.

I am aware that it's an abuse to broadcast duels or marketing-related messages via in-game broadcast tool.

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I don't think I have ever seen it been used for anything other than events but, I don't think it would be an issue to say gather your clan mates up.
im already getting annoyed by toribot tourney messages, so unless you have something to offer me don't use broadcasts
I certainly might consider restraining from using the broadcast utility, but my own joy of playing tilt_fix.tbm with other players unfortunately has a higher priority than your concern about broadcast messages sometimes being aimed for people other than you
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Use of the broadcast system should be limited to advertising in-game tournaments and events. Advertising market items, requesting duels, making non-event related announcements, or any other uses of the system will result in a ban. Broadcasts should also not contain any profane language.

So no, you cannot use the broadcast system just to gather other people to play games. It is to be exclusively used to advertise in-game tournaments and events.
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Technically, the “act of bringing people together and live streaming” is an event in itself. You can cheat the system by giving 10tc for each victory someone wins, so that would definitely be an event.
Yeah, thought so, too. Hosting something that would count as an event isn't an issue even in a public room.

But I was rather curious about nowadays rules regarding broadcasts. Moonshake answered that clearly, thank you!

Cause recently I was on the edge of sending a broadcasted message when I was waiting for someone to show up in a public room.