i broke my wrist because i was trying to toe launch irl as a kid, my big brother was boosting me at the same time as i was jumping and we were trying to get me to go as high as possible

on the highest attempt i rotated forwards and pushed the pillows i was supposed to land on out of the way, landing on my wrist
ripped a callous off my hand yesterday and all my palm and fingers were soakkeeeed in blood, also almost snapped my foot on my injured leg but i think its just bruised(i hope thats all it is) luckily my knee tanked that shit <: i fell the same way a few years ago and i actually did snap my 5th metatarsal clean on the other foot, but back then when i stepped on it i could feel the bone clicking n grinding and i dont feel it this time, pray to the bmx gods
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What she did to me last week
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dance with my dogs in the night time
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