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There are a few misunderstandings
Excuse me for my shit english

So some of you thought that the thread i made about leaving is a lie, I am here to explain what happened.

I was born in saudiarabia(not actually from saudiarabia somehow) but my father was too lazy to make me legal, id card and stuff like that, so after 15 years (3 years ago) my father decided to finnaly make me legal cuz i couldn't go to school / Collage without my iqama(arabic word for something idk what its called in english) after trying to make me legal from 3 years, the government decided ah fuck this lets put out a rule to not make anyone legal if they are above age of 15...(all hope was lost) there was no way for me to do anything here .
So my family decided to send me back to my country by getting myself cought by the police and get deported, that was the plan BUT FOR SOME FUCKING REASON AFTER SPENDING 2 DAYS IN JAIL THEY SAID NA UH LEAVE YOU DICK YOUR FATHER HAS TO PAY LOANS (AND LIKE JUST 2 WEEKS BEFORE THAT MY FATHER LOST HIS JOB THAT HE HAS BEEN DOING FROM 17 YEARS AND THERES NO WAY HE CAN PAY THE LOANS HE PICKED UP BECAUSE ITS JUST SO FUCKING ALOT, AND I DONT KNOW WHY I CANT LEAVE BECAUSE MY FATHER HAS LOANS JUST MAKES NO SENSE,so after that we were stuck at home not being able to do anything with no money or anything, but thank god our neighbor is so kind to keep giving us Food and money to survive a month before my father finds a job, after that right now my mom and my sisters decided to like do home tuition and get money that way and my neighbor gave me a job to do without my iqama and my father is still looking for a job, and our kafil(dont know the english word for it) is tryna find a way to get us outta here

Dont say i lied please just makes me sad that you guys dont trust me
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Yeah I didn’t read that.

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