Hey guys im back with a new spar with omega im a bit rusty cuz i havent been playing for 2 months so uh yh anyway Tell me what u guys think :3
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Wow it feels great to be back, i missed so many of u guys and uhm...yeah heres a replay with ma bae Lapse hope u guys like it, tell me what u think
And here is another spar with my actual bro, he has done really well...he picked up sparring very fast o -o.... anyway here it is and i hope u guys like it , tell me what u think btw
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#Roi-HsbvsRoi.rpl (815.0 KB, 11 views)
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Yo guys , another new replay with ma bud Haunter its a really good spar he is a great guy so here it is tell me what you think

Wow oops sorry haunter the replay glitched and didnt show your character ill upload the fixed relpay tommorow cuz my internet is derpin

Fixed it
Hey guys another cool spar with may buddy d14k09, he isn't the best at sparring but eh, he's learning so here is the relpay tell me what ya'll think
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