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I Need Help!
I need to know how to report a player or if you can even do that! His name Is motocross1. If you could help me find him or tell me how to report players that would be great.Send me a message if you want to help.Thanks!
P.S. When I find him!,,,:headsplode :. , you motocross1!!!!!!!!!!
Your best bet would be to PM an Alpha team member, or a Super Moderator.
Those are the guys with red and blue names.
Heres a list of them -

Click on one of their names, go to Contact Info, and click Send Private message.

Try keeping your PM as detailed as possible, give them exaclty what they need to know to sort it out.
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Sup, if you need any help, me or one of the other admins are happy to ban people :>

Send me a PM if you havent sent it to anyone else yet explaining what's goin on.
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But you might need some proof. I'm not sure though.
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