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If you guys are on, me and a few buddies of mine will 3v3 you guys :3
in roughly 4 hours from this post, ill be on.

Originally Posted by Boonana View Post
I'm saving 3150.
Gank plank ftw.

You know it's gangplank, right?

Also, if your not on the list on the front page please post again with your IGN u_u
Yeah, you added me : D

We will definitly play this weekend or today or tomorrow if you want, I have no school tomorrow also.
What's your gmt?

I'll be playing this around this time ( a little earlier) tomorrow.
And saturday.
And on IRC.
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Hamster I'm level 20.
( Well, Really 19 but real close to 20 )
And Lumee is 16.
But I'm a Old dota player, And i played HoN.
I was 1700 Psr,
With a 1.8 kdr.

Nice stats.
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