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Roi's Spars
Hey guys im just gonna be showing some replays of me and some random people sparring
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spar with another guy.rpl (808.1 KB, 119 views)
I liked the spar with another guy really much. 8,5/10
The spar with Mocucha was kinda random in my opinion. 6/10
Spar with Epikman was pretty good too, i liked the last punch very much. c:

Would like to see more of these spars.
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Hey guys just to let u know i may not be able to make some sparring replays for a few days cuz of some school shit comin up so i might do just random replays like body breakers tricking and stuff when i get enough time for a spar i will do it and post it here
Its been some time after i made tricking replays
Another Spar me vs Oblivion We didnt finish the whole spar cuz oblivion pinged
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Tricking Is Unlimited.rpl (122.9 KB, 45 views)
BEST SPARR EVER.rpl (645.6 KB, 61 views)
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Best spar ever- 8/10
Fun to watch.
Fluidity was shown throughout the replay.
You were very smooth.
There really was no pose.
And you didn't take it to the end.
Well, I think the opener took too long, but the spin was pretty good in my opinion.
Cork was also nice. Your legs looked a little stiff in the landing though.
Good stuff