Head Texture of the Month: Freestyle
Here is a new one...

FF spar w trestet.rpl
So? Some Cnc would help...
HI! this is a new unfinished one, but it still looks awesome!

Spar w G23.rpl

What do you think?
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Help please
hey guys i need help like badly. i dont know how to post my replays on a forum when you register to a clan... so please help..
So here are two awesome ones, but they both weren't finished... They would have looked so cool, right?

FF vs DatSkip.rpl <My new favourite

FF vs jeffphonex.rpl

You guys were awesome!
Cnc, anyone?
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I forgot to post this one... :P

FF vs sifumasterz.rpl
This one is so awesome! It is a spar in a kind of a gym with one knife in the middle...

FF vs cod305 w knife.rpl
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