Yeah we had a good run guys. I've been here a lot shorter then most of you here, but this is still an amazing clan. Made a lot of friends here, and had fun, but it's about time we die. We had a good run guys. Thank you all for sticking here till the end.
i suck
We died huh...shame man...shame...

I guess it is time to move on then...won't be easy though, considering the fact that this was my 1st clan ever.

We had a good run.

It was a privilege playing with you gentlemen.
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wow.. now it's definitly over :, thx to everyone who were ever a part of this clan. Peace and out.
Welp, this was my very first clan to join, and probably the longest I would of stayed in a clan to lol, been here for about 2 years, been fun with you all, see ya guys!