Originally Posted by Luke5815 View Post can i see gum posts and he is green belt?

As Fish said, hover over his belt. He's a custom belt.
For some reason i cant see anything but my mood.
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Originally Posted by CryZy View Post
For some reason i cant see anything but my mood.

Well when you first post it comes up like that, but if you go back to what you posted you should be able to see the whole thing. Must be a glitch or maybe its intended to be there.
I'm back :)
Nice job fish! Also I agree with Gum, would fit better if it was under the clan... Or on the bottom i should say for people that aren't in a clan.
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Nice! I like this!
Well... its seems like I fudged up the naming of my custom belt.
Is there a way of changing this mess?
See you on the flipside.
I don't see why people are complaining about this.. It's not like it really effects anything.
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