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Watching tonnes of replays has proven to me more and more that the devil is in the details, there are plenty of replays with these dms but not so many that conjugate them with style that seems to exist regardless of the dms rather than exist at odds with them. For me the most remarkable aspect of this replay is how, in the torso boomhit, you immediately pull back all of your movement after the kick, making it look like your leg bounced off uke and your whole body felt the impact, which makes it look incredibly satisfying. The fact that you got a lot of dms helps too.
Very nice crotch kick too. The replay is stylish and hectic overall, all the things I like.
oh yeah
wow thanks pusga im very flattered

im not gonna lie honestly i wasnt a fan of the replay myself but seeing that its been well received makes me happy

heres a -30 thing ig

o pretty sure the skeet missed btw but i left it in because of how unfair amounts of close it was lmao
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