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[LST] Third-party Program List
I am expecting to see great aplications.

Speaking of which... List of things apparently coming soon:The colours are coded like a traffic light from red (concept) to green (fully finished)
[Concept] = Still just a concept, no coding yet.
[In-Development] = Some coding, not finished.
[Update] = Updates planned for released application.
[Done] = No planned updates.
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Improvements will be made on the 3/4 player replay generator.

I'm considering designing a Toribash bot of sorts, but I haven't figured out what it will do yet.

I'm also considering making a post giving the layout of all the toribash file formats.

But we'll see. I'm lazy.
Cool Cool.
How would an external toribash bot work?
Ohhhh ok. Have fun doing that.
A Toribash bot is a good concept, but that's all it is. People are always coming up with new moves. You couldn't program all the moves into it. We'd need a bot that essentially learns to play Toribash. That just doesn't seem possible.