Dont have a youtube account.
NINJABALLZ told me about the game, at first it sounded lame but then i started playing and then i fell in love with it, best fighting game ever and love your videos.
The game is epic i lost connection with my internet but now all fixed and already yellow belt, NINJABALLZ told a buntch of freinds on facebook and now they ganna come and post! hope he gets this cuz i want some of it...
Im not new exactly :/ but i came here from Chilled Chaos (Youtuber) his toribash name is Chilladin
What i like: The fact this badass name wasnt taken (kradel). Srsly though..i came here cause it looked like a very good Martial Arts simulator.
Youtube: KiraNinja (Srsly)
Great game! NiceKE told me about this game, and i LOVE'd it!

My name is: Lolgamehi

I like this game because you can fight in so many way, and do parkour and stuff!
my name is cheifman3

I like how that this game has more advanced requirements as it rolls on to the future

I was sent by Bgjames1

youtube name is:[email protected]
What's your name on YouTube: hotfreakingcakes
Who referred you to Toribash: kingsta
What do you like about Toribash: it's fun to play with friends and the mods are really cool!
I actually loved inviting my friends to join me to play in-game, they really enjoyed themselves on skype and we had a great laugh playing shaolintwinswordsfixed.tbm

I'd strongly recommend any new player to get your friends on skype and have a great time playing in-game. I have more people to come, I ensure you.
mrkamikaz toribash is a good game to fight
ah i forgot there's my channel 065836581498
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