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Match-Making system
I always kind of wondered, That why is it that you'll eventually find that one White Belt player with an rank of 3900. So i thought of a system that would have a "quick match" button and have a similar menu to these call of duty type games were it has a CORE (gamemode you'd like to play) And then it will match make you, based on rank in that game mode. Just a thought i figured i could throw out there.
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I won't actually agree with you.
Yes, we had matchmaking earlier and yes, it was removed from the game. It didn't happen due to some ranking-related issues, nor did that happen because of Toribash "being special", that system was just bad and thus wasn't used by players.
I believe that once the optimal solution of how to organize matchmaking is found (and we have resources to implement it), it will be added to the game. That's just a question of time.

I believe if matchmaking were to be re-implemented, it would make user servers obsolete. Why would someone want to go to a betting lobby if they can just play quick games? Obviously that is not he issue though.

The ranking system as of now is completely screwed up. If I win a game, my elo goes down, if I lose it goes down, and even with some mods, I lose and it goes up. Unless the ranking system goes back to the original system, it will be hard to implement matchmaking servers that actually work properly.
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Ranks are only to be used if we want to use them instead of just picking players with the same belt. Old ranks were qi-based and they hardly meant anything at all when it came to picking better players. I'm not actually sure why everybody is so against the current ranking system - its only flaw is that it gets stats from all the rooms and mods instead of only the "official" ones which leads to rank farming and so on.

Regular rooms won't die out, there will be less of them and there's nothing bad in that imo. Those who want to chill out with friends and have some chat will be there, those who want to play instead of waiting in the queue will play.