Bring it up to just 10k,master belt not so easy to achieve,you would've probably almost completed whatever you wanted to do in tb by then
Bye bye toribash
I don't support this. What if someone farmed so hard so that they could just get the tc?
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It's not a matter of being enough , i believe the op's view on this is to give players and payers if you may , an incentive for reaching master belt which would take quite awhile to get to , but at the moment the staff members are trying to deflate the amount of tc being circulated daily in toribash .
I recall Skulfuk telling me there is around 52mil Tc going around right now , and adding to that amount would obviously be a bad thing.
As charming as this suggestion of yours may be , i don't see it happening, perhaps a non tradable item would be more decent and less harmful, or a special force , which would be awarded to those who legitimately reached master belt , even though i'm not against the concept of buying qi , it's just something for those who actually toiled to get there.
yeah, i think the best thing for this is not tc, but a special item, maybe hector lax? maybe...
When you reach the Master Belt you don't care about TC you have.
And if you still do, then you already own at least 400k.