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Free money ain't never good for nothing.

I give out free tc when I have 100k+ ;oo it's a good thing... But then again it's not created from void, it's earned

Also, 1k would be a little low But no, that could bring down the economy somewhat... Bunch of 10th dans out there, we all get masterbelt at the same time, lolol could be lots of tc made just for that ;P
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I dont approve of this
and even if a special item was handed out that would make no sense seeing that all of the oldschooler were given special beards and now they are being sold for 400-500k when the initial price was 200k. what would they get?
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You get to wear certain colors when you achieve Master Belt.

Also: who cares about tc? I've played like 33,000 games of toribash, and if I ever reach god belt in 17,000 more games you literally get NOTHING for it. There's not a color you can wear that no one else gets, and anyone can make their custom belt "GOD" anyways. That's the problem that needs to be fixed. Not inflation of the economy over belts.

Besides, you're not in it for the TC if you've played 15,000 games or whatever.
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I think it would encourage farming of QI if the reward money was increased, and it wouldn't make sense with that little of a prize anyways. Just seems a bit unnecessary IMO.
It would be nice to have a reward for upgrading my belt. BTW žsir, not everybody who fights throughout toribash will win all their matches. those who have 400k probably bought their TC unless they won a shipload of tournaments.
This has been suggested shitloads of times, with the same result: no.
The main reason of that is that it would encourage farming, as it was said on several posts behind. Besides that, you get different benefits from upgrading your belt (access to new rooms, and being able to wear certain colors being the main ones).
no didnt you guys read

it said the guy wins 1k TC

It did not say 1Millon TC

It said 1kTC for people not to farm
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This is a bad idea because a skilled TB person can get multiple alts to Master Belt and send the TC to the main account.
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