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Matchmaker belt idea
No, this isn't an idea about having belts for match maker. What if, toribash added a system where when you match make, you have to go against players of your own belt? as in a 2nd dan would fight a 3rd dan, or 5th dan fights a 7th dan . you know, basically belts that are a belt lower or 2 belts higher to fight each other instead of a 9th Dan vs a white belt. This idea seems good because i hate the fact I can't fight in Match Maker because it sets me up with belts lower than Black Belts and the lower belts tend to leave when they see my belt. But then again, there are a lot of Alts probably just farming off of them for some TC. But let me know what you people think about this idea.
yeah i personally like this idea but instead of it being 1 or 2 belt difference let there be public lobbies where there is a set range for belts like white to black, 2nd dan to 5th dan, and 6th dan+ this could eliminate alts from being made to the extent where you get basically hussled in a match.
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Some people buy a pure usertext (or something like that) so that you can`t see their belt.

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The game is too small for match making imo. In-game activity would decline by quite a bit, and who doesn't like watching an alt go against a 10th dan? Also, noobs won't be able to brag about shoveling a masterbelt ;c. There are beginner servers and such for white belts who enjoy having an ego D:

Not supported because I like getting rekt by white belts :]

Wait! You mean add it as a setting in private servers? You can already change the max qi someone can have in a server, so /maxqi 100 means the highest belt that can be there is a black belt
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Not supported.
There are way too many alts.
There are many high belts who suck and a lower belt can beat them.
People who are matchmaking are few, if this happened, you would set for hours searching for a match.
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isn't it already set to where you fight someone of similar elo/rank (however they do it)

why need this period

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