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You should be able to pay some tc in order to get married in toribash to another player and for your first marriage you get a wedding related item based on the gender you chose because i want to marry my toribash girlfriend.
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All i can see from this is abusing to get his own item. I believe item forger themselves are already busy to create things for tb in general.
And marrying system in a game is dumb to begin with imo. It's up to you if you want to "marry" on internet, just don't expect the community to give you something.
If you don't give out more detail on this, i am sure this won't have a chance (i am sure it's already has low chances to get accepted)
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getting some major deja-vu right now, i'm almost certain someone with kitty in their username suggested this before

lss it doesn't have enough of a point to be something that should be implemented. if nabi wants to work on something to incorporate "relationships", they could start with making the buddy system a working thing again
it wont be abused for items because you have to pay 10k+ to get married and you only get the item on your first marriage + there will be a qi restriction
My way or no way, totalatarian.
I actually support this in game marraige idea. TF2 has a structure that I think we could implement here. Here is my take on this;

The wedding item costs 100$ usd or more. It broadcast to all servers that X bought it for Y. It only broadcasts once as in when it is bought from the Torishop, it is also untradeable. The player that bought it gets the item as well as the player they bought it for.
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I still don't really see the point of marriage

Toribash is a game where you destroy your opponent and, quite literally, rip them to shreds with your bare hands. Marriage wouldn't fit with the rest of the pieces
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Team Fortress 2 is similar in that you kill each other, but the marraige item still works fine. Tf2 and Toribash are games that thrive a lot because of their communities. I feel a marraige item would work fine here even if it is incredibly niche and expensive.

It is still a viable way to get a usd purchase from the torishop.

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<DesiTwist> terty plays tb with the ghost turned off, uke turned off and uses that mouse with the ball in it
$100 is too much imo.
Id say around 50-100k and 5$-10$ are good price ranges because people would want to get divorce and marry someone else lol.
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how about you get a real girlfriend first

Are you asking me on a date?
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