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Market/deactive/active Inventory calculator
Ok so I suggested this before but I feel the way I worded it wasn't correct.

So the idea is to have a bot that adds up the amount you have posted on every item you have on the market.

This will be handy because:

let's say I start marketing with 200k,
So anything I make over 200k is profit,
If I spent the full 200k on items and put all the itmes I bought on the market,
I wouldnt know how much profit I would make, if all the items sell for that amount unless I manually add all of the prices up, and when you have 200 items on the market, and have to do this often, it's very time consuming.

Also sometimes I have to lower prices, and I can't tell how much I can afford to lower them,
But if I knew the total tc amount of all my market items it would eliminate these issues.
I know doing this is possible because I had a friend make a discord bot that not only added up market inventory total,
But also price checks every item in a players active or inactive inventory and tells you the total amount of that.

And if the item isn't on the market it would list those items, or give the shop price maybe?
Anyways The only issue is the way the API for forums is set up he said he can't do it through the bot, but it could easily be set up by someone who can edit the forums coding, he might even be willing to pass over the coding he already typed up for the bot to do it.

Please consider my idea, and anyone reading give ideas and feedback below,
Thank you for reading!



Never mind I got it implemented.
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