Bro, your sig speaks for AMD's quality.

I had an intel dual core with less cpu than my current amd dual core, and the intel one behaved better ^^
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Well what phenom are your talking about and what intel i5? There are lots of different i5s, some are dual some are quad, Also im assuming you mean 1156 not 1155 right?

If I remember correctly, the only i5s that are quad core and are around 3.0GHz or more, are the sandy bridge i5s.


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Thats a pretty basic way of looking at it some people have no use for more than 2 cores.

I would assume these 2 are his choices because they are similar price. Hence quad > dual.
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If I remember correctly, the only i5s that are quad core and are around 3.0GHz or more, are the sandy bridge i5s.


Well ya the quad i5s that are 3ghz or higher are the sandybridges but he doesn't mention a clock for the i5 just the AMD.
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the core i5 760 quad core is an excellent amd contender

and at a decent price, but you can buy a phenom II 965 or 970 for cheaper and have better performance.

where the core i5 shines is overclocking, at 4.0ghz it outperforms the 965 at 4.0ghz
You don't say?
I have a phenom II x4 955
and i havent been impressed with its performance.
nor have i been let down by it either though.

the Phenom series were cheaper than the i5's when i was buying, but i would have preferred an i5.
all down to budget.
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Here is the one I saw: .
The AMD is like 6000-8000 (Philippine Pesos) and I asked them about the intel and they said it was 10,500 (Philippine Pesos).
The Intel was kinda weaker and yet it is more expensive.
So I think Im going for the amd.


EDIT again: MY current Processor right now is Intel Pentium (only has 1 core) 2.7 ghz.
I am buying my new processor 2 weeks from now.
How will I able to remove my processor?
How can I attach my new processor?
Can somebody tell me step-by-step on how to remove my current processor and replace it with a new one?
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you're going to need a new motherboard for both choices, the phenom II 965 uses an am3 socket and the core i5 750 uses an lga 1156 socket

with the new motherboard you're also going to need new ram more than likely as you probably only have ddr2
You don't say?
change one thing, risk changing another.
with a pc as old as yours, youre prolly gna need to change everything.
i dont really see the point in just upgrading the cpu if your pc is as old as your current cpu

there will be picture instructions inside the CPU box about how to put in the new CPU.
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Well, it's hard to decide. I always go for Intel stuff - reliable. Not that I hate AMD all the way.
Maybe this anecdote can help u:
I have a friend that have a computer shop, he's really good with computer hardware and that stuff, he's got some IBM and Microsoft certificates and all of that, really spent some years in that business. I go to him for any kind of advice depending computers.
Once I asked him: ''What do you prefer, AMD or Intel? What should I buy?
He said: ''If u wanna have my nice looks go for the AMD!'' - smiling.
He is bald.
suggesting that amd is stressful lol..

i honestly don't see any difference in setting up an amd system vs setting up an intel system aside from overclocking. they both have the same main core components and generally use similar bios settings.
You don't say?