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Video card help
i need a
NVIDIA 7800GT 256MB graphics card or better
or a
ATI Radeon X1900 256Mb graphics card or better
i wanted to know is is higher to use shaders on toribash because i can use them and im confused the graphics suck online for bioshock 2 and it says
my video card isn't high enough which video card is needed for shaders on toribash?
A GeForce 6 series or better / ATI 9600 or better with 128meg minimum on them.

TBH video requirements are pretty modest, though you'll want the fastest you can afford.

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What's your budget? There are way more updated cards than those for affordable prices too.
so, you want a whole new laptop?

Take a look at these three, but lurk around newegg and find one that suits your needs, for the graphics card, you won't want no intel gma shit, try to get either an ATI 5000 or 6000 series or a nVidia 300 series, 400 series or even 500 series.

also, if you can spend a little more of cash you should consider the Asus' RoG laptops, like this one
I'd recommend GTX 560 over GTX 480. Cheaper, will still run anything, and won't melt anything in your computer.

However, since you're looking at laptops, you're missing out on most of the fun graphics cards.
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i just want a better laptop because ive recently gotten alot of cpu games and my disk drive broke! but i think this question has been answered these are my final choices: