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i personally like AMD but when it comes to performance AMD doesn't compare to intel, while they cost more per cpu their cpu's have a better refined cpu manufacturing process taking them down to less than 45nm. they have hyperthreading which allows them to have up to 12 threads on a 6 core processor and 8 on a quad core, hyperthreading increases performance in a lot of tasks over AMD.

i just can't wait until AMD comes up with a processor that can match intel's core i7 series in performance in all aspects. Currently AMD doesn't have any comparable chipset, at a lower mhz than the 1090t the core i5 760 almost scores as high in the processor arithmetic test within Sandra.
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you're going to need a new motherboard for both choices, the phenom II 965 uses an am3 socket and the core i5 750 uses an lga 1156 socket

with the new motherboard you're also going to need new ram more than likely as you probably only have ddr2

My Motherboard is an MSI.
How could it not fit?

my CPU (Im not that sure, but I saw a picture of a g31tm when I start my PC.Im not sure if it is p31 or p21, Ill check again, Ill post here when Im done)
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it wont fit because it's lga 775 which means it only has 775 pin holes for the processor, if you go with the intel core i5 it has 1156 pins. they wont line up and you will end up damaging the processor if trying to force it in.

the amd wont fit because it has 938 pins and has a different pin pattern than intel uses.

there are other problems that will arise with such setup as well. the bios isn't programmed for amd, or the new core i series architecture.

basically unless you upgrade to another socket lga 775 cpu it wont have the correct architecture nor will it have the right pin count.

there are cpu's you could upgrade to that will fit in your socket just not any of the core i series or any AMD series cpu's.

the core 2 quad series will fit in the socket that your motherboard is

this is the series that you can upgrade to if you choose not to upgrade your motherboard.
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Will any other quad core amd fit on my Motherboard?
Or Intel i4?

My motherboard is g31tm-p31 not p21.WIll it fit?
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Will any other quad core amd fit on my Motherboard?
Or Intel i4?

My motherboard is g31tm-p31 not p21.WIll it fit?

Nope, there are different sockets for amd cpus and intel cpus, and different sockets inside each brand too.
So I'm just going to buy the intel core 2 quad. Yea!

edit: Is there anyway to buy a socket and replace my LGA775 with it?
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you have to buy a new motherboard that's the only way to get a new socket.
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Ok, Im going for the Core 2 Quad.
is the Core 2 quad more expensive than the i5 and amd?
IF it is, im buying an intel core 2 duo.So that I will sill have enough money to buy 2gb RAM.
And play GTA 4!
the core 2 quad's are cheaper than the core i5's

the list i linked you to on newegg shows the pricing of the core 2 quads.
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