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I am Chris. I'm an artist caveman lives in a cave
I can't believe I am a Tori Legends now.

Hello GG! (Guy and Girls?)

Ask me Who I am? It seems some people still don't know who I am.
I guess people can not find about myself on this forum much. I'm very pretty rare post on this forum sometimes. I always use on IRC client or posting on my clan board because trying avoid from people read my terrible grammar. I don't want to be embarrass when people read my terrible grammar. lol
Oh well

Hello, My name is Chris (known as chris20236 or Epic4Chris). I joined Toribash in 2008.

Nice meet to you, newfags.

hail based hampa

PS: I want you to draw me a picture of Spider-werewolf Vs. werebat Batman. please.
In 2016, I'm no longer a member of toribash forum. The ex-administration (who's permbanned now) used to power abuse and opposed to me, and we are unable to reach a compromise. I am morally prohibited from staying here. I might still posting around on my friend or clan threads sometimes but not much. Goodbye.