Satsu13: Well, I first started out by learning how to play the game -> Learned how to run -> Practice what I've learn.

New replay. A new favorite.
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A new, typical replay.

EDIT: Fixed.
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Spar with Jetss.rpl (621.4 KB, 70 views)
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[Death Plague] | RL | ORMO | PwN |Dragenon's Realistic spars thread
[QUOTE=Dragenon;2299796]I decided to merge my sparring threads in to one.
Replays that are highlighted in green are replays that are good imo


*GASP* You didn't think ours was good?!
well yeah we both pretty much failed.
I failed with my starter.
you ran alot.
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Why are there no flaws?.. I mean it doesn't look like a spar at all, more like a real life combat.