Balance mod? I have no idea what you are talking about. The settings were changed, if that's what you meant.

Gravity: -30
Engage distance: 2000 (or 1500, I forgot)
Dismemberment: Off
Disqualification: Don't know
Fracture: Off

EDIT: Oh okay, I understand what you mean by "balance mod" now.

No, there is no "balance mod" in it. There's nothing that magically keeps both Tori and Uke balanced in all of my sparring replays.
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New replay, this is clearly not my best ._. There isn't any fancy moves in this one at all. I haven't practice in weeks so you may see a huge difference from this replay, compared to the rest.
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Pure awesome.

When you did a spinning kick around frame 800 in your fight vs Nero I jizzed, it was my favourite move from all of your spare's.

We definitely need to spare when I get better at it and have more free time.
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