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Daww, you guys...
Tori Legend? Thanks heaps lads. Steve told me about this the other day, after he popped back in to check out the state of things. We were afterwards pontificating on the injustice of my induction into the hall of fame, considering he was basically damage control for me/ my reputation for YEARS. Plus, he was admin extraordinaire and generally a nice, unintrusive guy with a good sense of humour and JUSTICE. He really did deserve this more than me, but I suppose it's the memorable ones who make their mark, eh?
Thanks for putting up with my shit for so many years. Being part of the Toribash community was great fun and a good way to pass my time in unemployment. I was going through a fairly bad stage mentally, as most of you would have guessed. Sorry for taking fat shits all over the Debate board so regularly. Never again, pinky promise.

I refuse to trawl through this board for hours, so would someone do me the kind favor of linking some new video talent for me to peruse?

I'm not necessarily back, but I am reinstalling this again. Ho ho.
Well done, you deserve it.

Your videos were awesome, especially the OLDA video.

I feel like as if I am talking to a famous person right now because I have heard about you but never seen you post or play in-game.

I hope we play each other sometime.

Congrats on being a tori legend.
Who the hell are yo- JUST KIDDING

Great Videos m8!!!

Hope you could teach us or so....

Well... keep up the good work.

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Ohai Rob! Been a while.

Videos... Do the 30 second things people make these days count as videos? They all call them "edits" for whatever reason. :|

<Erf> SkulFuk: gf just made a toilet sniffing joke at me
<Erf> i think
<Erf> i think i hate you
Fuck, I lied. It's now 4am, I have work in like 7 hours (my sleeps are awful) and I'm just shaking my head at the currently terrible lineup of videos in Art. They were going downhill when I left, but man. 20-30 seconds is a video now? Nigga, do the whole damn song. I could crank mine out in like 48 hours, tops. (Start to finish of production, mind you. Procrastination is a bitch.) A three to four minute long video with sync and shader/camera transitions. NO GREENSCREEN, FINAL DESTINATION.

Fuck, I gotta show these whippersnappers how it's done now.