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How to apply for technique

An application should include:
Active time on toribash
And also tell us why we should accept you

(Note: A freeform application is optional and will probably give you better chances of getting into Technique)

Another thing i'd like to add is that our clan is mostly focused around boxing

To find out more about our clan join our discord!

(If you'd like you can include some boxing replays of you playing, could improve your chances of getting accepted)
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Dear Alfiew2212,

My name is XOCDX. I would like to join your clan. I have played and sparred Sparturnha and he said I was decent but I needed to work on my footwork. You can ask him if you want. Anyway I have practiced a bit more and I would be honoured to be in this clan. I have been playing since January 2017 and have achieved a brown belt. Now on my new account I am a blue belt but I can hold my own in a boxing match. I hope you find this message and I hope to be in this clan. Thank you.


Hey xOCDx, please message me in Discord (Sparturnha#7645) so I may test you once more. If I see that you are fit to join the clan then I'll invite you.

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