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(ViraL) Applications

Must be a Black Belt
Must be active Ingame and on the Forums

IGN (In Game Name):

Age (Optional):

Skype (Optional):



Why you want to join the clan:

Favorite Mod:

Skills (Like parkouring, sparring, drawing, ect):

How can you help the clan:
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Manipulating the pieces according to your strategy... That is what defines a King.
Hey i was wondering if i could get an invite to your clan i'm a Green belt but have a very powerful move to take out people very quickly
for enter in your clan's
IGN (In Game Name): THCmo

Age (Optional): 19 years old

Skype (Optional): i no skype

Belt: Blue

Replays: THCmo discipline #1,2,3 and esquive 1

Why you want to join the clan: for represent a clans

Favorite Mod: wushu and lenshu and ninjustsu

Skills (Like parkouring, sparring, drawing, ect): i like backflick kick disembrement and kapoera

How can you help the clan: i don't enderstend i no speak english i'm frenchman
im a black belt
20 years old skype nothing i want to join the clan because it is unranked so id like to help
favorite mod: foot mod superbiketest
skill sparring
tso its unraked i help it
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im an orange belt but not just an orange belt im a black belt im 13 yrs old my favoritemod is abd my skill is sparring my skye none i want to join clan because i want to help this clan
IGN (In Game Name):Anger

Age (Optional):19

Skype (Optional)ont wanna tell



Why you want to join the clan:Good clan for me to move on

Favorite Mod:Aikdio

Skills (Like parkouring, sparring, drawing, ect):I enjoy drawing (pencil drawing)

How can you help the clan:Help win clan wars
IGN (In Game Name):damlo13.

Age (Optional):14




Why you want to join the clan:It is a cool clan and I would like to join it.

Favorite Mod: Aikido and Twinswords.

Skills (Like parkouring, Sparring, drawing etc) I am an aspiring Musician and Artist.

How can you help the clan: I will try my Best to Improve the clan the most I can.

Hope I get in

IGN : SsJasonsS

Age: 13
Skype / sorry

Belt: Black

Replay: N/A

Why id like to join: I like the way out we can see a lots of peoples war just with simply moves basics game

Favorite Mod : Mushu

SKills: xspar,drawing, relaxing physics

How can i help: i will do my best to be online

and yeah hope i get in just for fun