Hero Pro League
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(wrath)' Training Dojo!

You think you have what it takes to join the newest ultimate clan of toribash?! Can you help in wars? Are you skilled? Are you helpful? Maybe you can wow (wrath) Leaders & Members somehow? Well lets see then.

| Requirments |

Your application must be 20 words long or higher. Anything lower is instantly Denied

• You must clearly state why you would like to join

• Your DOB & Name, If your a alt state your main account

• You must be Black Belt and above

• You must have some sort of experience or knowledge of one the following mods :


• Aikidobigdojo.tbm

• Lenshu3ng.tbm

• xspar.tbm (or any spar related mod)

• Boxshu_mushu_v3.tbm

• Judo.tbm/Judofrac.tbm

• ErthTkV2/V1