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Adventure Application

hey y'all i'm shaine, also feenicks12. i'm not good at freewriting so if stuff seems meh y'all have an fyi.


i live down in good ol' texas, and am currently in my last year in highschool, at which i plan
on moving into an IT related career. until i get into a steady job i'll probably keep working
part time at whatever grocery store is near me until then. i also really enjoy music, like a lot, mostly underground memphis rap, but i love plenty of other genres
too. i also love making it too. i use fl studio mostly, since i can't afford actual hardware and instruments.

my toribash career

i started toribash in 2014 and got all the way up to a brown before quitting out of boredom. i
ended up coming back last year and have been playing consistently ever since.
i main in mushu and aikido, although i'm trying my very best to learn to spar better,
although i'm not making much progress, but i'm almost there. i also plan on learning how to make
proper textures.

why am i applying?

i'm applying because your clan type is unique, and i know that i won't have to worry about being good
enough skill wise to be able to contribute. i'm also long due for a clan, and by the way adventure is
explained (with the whole community centered type thing) i can make some more friends and hopefully
learn from the best. also, from what i've seen and who i've spoken to, y'all seem real nice, and it's not often that a whole
clan is full of nice and respectful people.

pls lemme in i'll give motivational support n stuff
Hey there, i'm Rifle, previously known as asfall. I'm 16, and I live in California. Normally I don't really apply to clans since I believed I simply wasn't good enough to join any, but I was interested in [a] way before it died. (Am I allowed to put brackets there yet?) If you've seen me in wibbles, you know I act like i'm mentally retarded, and if i'm being honest I am pretty stupid 90% of the time. Not down syndrome levels of retardation, but, you get the point.

Now, [a] is something different. Not really to interested in being competitive, but when it comes down to it, you can give people a pretty hard time. These are the type of clans I like. Overly competitive clans and joke clans aren't really my taste. (Though joke clans are funny some times).

Now, I want to join [a] because, like I said, not overly competitive. Being in a clan that wars every 3 seconds isn't very appealing to me. A clan like this will really help relieve stress as well, because I haven't really been socializing recently. I can talk to some people who don't have problems with their brain.

also a is the first letter of the alphabet which automatically makes this clan superior
when the:
Thanks for both of your apps. If you haven’t already, please join the discord so we can get to know y’all better
Market Squad


feenicks12: thanks for applying, but we're gonna say no this time around. Try not to apply to two clans at once.
Emmm can i join the clan??
Can i join the clan?
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Hello, I'm Oisín (Usheen) phonetically. I'm a 21 year old freelance video editor in college.

The main reasoning for me wanting to join is the crowd in (a) seems decent and not entirely comprised of 14 year olds with A.D.D or people who'd get angry about losing a war. I'm quite active now that i have fixed my set up, GMT+0.
I can make textures, animate and edit (obviously).

For some reason I have two other accounts that are both 4th dan.

I have a list of clans i used to be in like Vector, Evil, xp, Horde, Nitro, FC etc.. these I all left because of their lack of activity.

I was with vector for their push to get official.

I'm currently studying Microbiology in college.

I smoke weed and drink regularly enough but I actually do not smoke molly because that would be retarded

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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I am from Mexico and I am at preparatory school (highschool) and I want to study civil engineer at the University of Texas at El Paso because I think with a career in USA I can get better offers of work.I like to enjoy time with my friends in real life and playing some toribash, I like to hear music, most of them are traditional mexican music.


I started to play Toribash in 2010 when I saw my brother playing it, I played around a year because I didn't understand nothing cuz I didn't speak English and I came back in 2016 after I studied some English at a school and since that year I continued to play and I'm here.I can play some mods but mainly Boxshu and Aikidobigdojo, I can learn more mods because I feel I can understand it very easy and fast, I spend most of my time dueling because I like, sometimes I lose a lot of but sometimes I can win a lot; I tried to make some art but I only did one set for Quest but I won't do it again because it's stressful.


I'm applying because the clan is very good, it has cool members and I think it is very comfortable to be there, I want to make new friends at this game and I saw that you like to talk via discord and I really want to train my English and there isn't a best way, none of you are toxic as a lot of people from the community, that's another point that I like from your clan.
I want to improve my self.