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Vid thing.

Did some dance styled Tricking replays put it to some slow dreamy music.

Because my computer is potato it sometimes slows and quickens the recording, so not all of the speed changes were mine.

replays by matarika
edited on AECC/FCPX
song Cellophane by FKA twigs

here's another vid too to pay homage to an old edit.

twixtor was being stupid as you can see by the strange morphing in slow parts.

I really hate the ending with the Madmans. always been bad with editing those. didn't come out how i hoped.

replays by Swexx, Matarika, (xxx)vigiiance, toribrazil, (shit)Cboh, (Koi)xMov, [eVo]Eviltorified, [Damned]t0n0mi
edited on AECC/FCPX
song: Cut to black by Lemaitre
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hi, add music/replays/programs used and all that jazz
think you know that by now
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