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"Thank you" Button
What do you guys think about a "Thank you" button? Most of the forums I'm in have it, so I thought I could suggest it here as well.

I think this simple feature would add some interesting dynamics. People would be motivated to post usefull stuff to "collect" thank you's, for instance. It would also help avoiding "Thank you" spam posts.

I realize that there are more important issues for the dev's to deal with, but I wanted to post the idea anyway.
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A "Thank You" button for the forums
To say thank you without commenting.
And each click u get something like TC.

Just suggesting
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Toribash used to have a rep system. Got taken down though. Can't remember why though. Must have been a good reason.

-Not supported.
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The Rep system was taken down because people worried about it too much.

People were raging cause of neg rep that the only way to fix it was to take it down.
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And each click u get something like TC.

This can be used to farm TC.

And yeah, it is very much like the rep system which was taken down with a good reason.
yeah ok
Well, if they implement this off course there would be a limit with how many times it can be pressed.

Regardless, they are trying to sink the tc not generate more.
That's pretty much going to cause what the rep system did.

If you look at back when it had the rep system, you'll see that the tutorials section was fucking overfilled compared to what it is now.
Sadly, only like.. 5% of them were decent/useful.
How about a button under each post for liking that post?
I've seen it in other forums and in your profile it says how many times you've been rated helpful.
In that case I'd support it. No need for TC though.
Not Supported because u can like make new accounts and more and more so other people may can't join TB
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