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"Thank you" Button
What do you guys think about a "Thank you" button? Most of the forums I'm in have it, so I thought I could suggest it here as well.

I think this simple feature would add some interesting dynamics. People would be motivated to post usefull stuff to "collect" thank you's, for instance. It would also help avoiding "Thank you" spam posts.

I realize that there are more important issues for the dev's to deal with, but I wanted to post the idea anyway.
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You could use alts to (idk "thank" yourself?) and farm tc
not supported
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Have a great day, thanks for looking at this post I guess.
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rep system was horrible because of negative reputation that caused people to discriminate other players, people tended to neg rep opinions that they dislike, however "thank you" button could work a lot better, on polish fansite(that is quite dead right now xd) such thing was working, it displayed number of "thanks" you've get and gave to others.
i also encountered such things as "give beer" etc. that works pretty much the same, it's good as long as you don't have any benefits from that.
If you're thankful of someone's advice/help (like in the Support board), a simple post saying "Thanks" or even a PM would remedy that.

There's no use for the reputation system at the moment and I doubt there will ever be, for some of the reasons stated above. Bringing in an automated system of "good boy points" would have everyone crawling around the forums, being fake, pleading for points. Before you know it, there will be a whole market for reputation points.
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So, i don't even know why don't have it here. I see a lot of another forums with this '' thank you '' button.
Anyway, i think that i alredy see the same suggestion, i say yes for this idea.
I like the idea cept the tc part. You shouldn't get any tc for thanking a post.

i take back the idea of the TC part, might be abused. lol.
However, what do you get when u get thanked?
That's my point. u get +rep and then in a specific level of reputation u should get something.
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You all seem to be dodging around the point that this has been tried before (on more than one occasion) and didn't work. I fail to see what is different now. The forum was flooded with close to pointless nonsense in which users begged and pleaded for reputation, whilst others abused it to settle disagreements and dislikes.

The idea has been re-thought, refined and worked with and the outcome was the community as a whole isn't responsible enough to use a feature like this correctly regardless of the restrictions placed upon it.
no more violent reactions? ^_^
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no more violent reactions? ^_^

Violent is one thing, reasonable is another.
It's also questionable not to trust a guy talking from experience.

I, personally, have nothing against the idea as long as it doesn't turn out like youtube.
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