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"show replies" button on posts
there should be a button or text on a post to see who quoted that post
and when clicked it could show a preview/link to that post... i dunno. would make things convenient
Um, what? That first sentence made no sense.
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He's saying that there should be a way to check if anyone quoted a specific post, personally I find the search function to be way handier.
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Well Learn to get the search function!!!! RAAAAGGGGEEEEEEE

Nah but really, search function sucks compared to google, just go on google, type in the name of whatever you want to look on toribash and type at the end... done..., fast, efficient
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the search button is made only for vip or toriprime sooo.
they made it only for vip or toriprime so people buy it!
this suggestion will ruin this thing!
think about it!
INB4 14 days ban