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"Theater" mode.
If you play COD MW3/ COD BO2 you already know what I mean most likely, but here's the idea; a theater mode to review the battles up to 7 days ago, with that I mean, you can rewatch the matches with text, and fly around the battle, you will be able to choose to turn this on/off in options, you can choose wether you want to keep the replays forever or automattically remove them after 7 days.
The main reason whatshowever is to prevent scams in duelling and tourneys.
This will also let you save the replay from theater mode to the replays folder if someone leaves during the battle or if you forget to save the replay.
Off course there is autosave already, but I think this is a better version.
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As you have already stated. Toribash will auto-save replays. You offer no suggestions as to how to improve this idea. In fact you state why it is a good idea. All of the information is listed in the replay title except the date which you can find on your PC. If you want to watch the replays from the last 7 days then organize by date. You get everything but the chat log from the match. I doubt this is an efficient method to save the chat logs from the client. However you can always just take a screen shot of any questionable chatting by using the '`', 'Page up', 'Page Down' buttons.
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