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"Looking for a Clan" forum.
Hello, I think that it might be a nice idea to have a "Looking for a Clan" forum.

It could be a subforum of Clan Discussion, as the Recruitment Center is: this idea would give newer players a place to find a clan for them and it would give new (or old!) clan owners a chance to easily get new members.

Here's how I think it would work:

E.G. code:
Applicant: Hi, I'm looking for a friendly clan where i can war... etc.
Recruiter: Hey, you should join (Example)! We're a friendly clan that focuses... etc.
Recuiter 2: (Example2) is also recruiting! We're a forum active clan... etc.
Applicant: Thanks, I will be joining (Example2)! Closing thread.

I think this can also help stop people pestering ingame to join a clan.

There isn't really a need for this type of thing, it's best to get to know people, instead of wanting to join a Clan only for the Clan, the Clan Discussion and Recruitment Center are meant for this type of thing, Clan discussion can give you info on the Members and the Clan itself, the Recruitment center show's what the Clan want's, and there is always the choice making a Clan if you can't find one though it cost tc, and handout's aren't always fun, though this could help beginners but there are tutorials and Plenty of Members there to help new Players.
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Actually that would cause a big war in smaller clans, and it would be so bad.
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Originally Posted by Moataz View Post
Actually that would cause a big war in smaller clans, and it would be so bad.

Isn't competition healthy?
Competition is healthy. We already have it.

I'm really supportive of this idea. I think having a board with threads filled with "YEAH JOIN -insert clan here-, WE'RE PERFECT FOR YOU." is not only creative, but productive to our community.


But realistically, not being rude intentionally, this is essentially what this board will be: a lot of unproductive spam that leaves the original posters feel nothing more than confused. We already have enough of a basis for members to decide on a clan, and there's no real necessity to change.
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You're basically describing recruitment threads in reverse - instead of approaching the clan you want them to approach you? Seems kind of redundant, you can get these kind of interactions in-game a lot of the time. Clans are pretty transparent with who/what they want, just peruse their recruitment threads and take your pick.
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