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"Replay Archive"
Should have some sort of a section in the forums where you can preview your previous fights in the form of a "summarized statistics", categorized under an archive of some sort. Should have two mods - Simplified, and when clicked on it, Complex. Things that can be in it includes:-

-----In "Simplified"-----

) Date, time.
) ID of the replay (You'll see why this is important later in the post).
) Game-side events, like the points, winner and the player names.

-----In "Complex"-----

) All in "Simplified".
) Downloadable replay.
) A timeline that shows when the players were fractured, dismembered and disqualified.
) A few funny pop-ups written for specific moments, appearing only when hovered over the event timeline with the mouse. Something along the lines of "[Player1] got too confident, they dismembered their wrists!" - "Somehow, [Player2] managed to win flawlessly!" - "[Player1] challenged [Player2] to a bar fight...losing miserably." - "[Player1] and [Player2] forgot the time, dancing until the end!" etc.

More could be added, but you get the jest of the idea.

Could be either public or private (you can only see the replays you played in), with search function and all to spy on them duelers for comebacks.

This is beneficial to both the players (you didn't save that one replay in ABD as it skipped immediately to the next round, or you wanna keep your replays on the go and can view them from other computers or even your phone as a reference to your friends to see) and staff to check on rigging in replays or such. The ID of the replay can be used in a report to verify the suspected replays while the staff were not in the room. False or abusing reports will result in consequences.

You can make a subcategory in that archive to be turned into the submitting form for replay records, with these having a few more details like /am and /sm.

All replays that are either in specific mods selected by the devs, or are played on official servers/mods, will be saved and synced to the servers automatically - rest like Lolnad3 or pendulumjumper is ignored. Ones that users chose to report or to submit as a world record will be pending for a staff's response (which would be private or can be "flags" similar to edited posts). This should not be an issue server-wise, since 431 of my replays from 2015 till today are only 71 MBs (and if it is then christ you need to upgrade your cache servers already cause that is about 10 GB for 140 players with 431 replays each and is nothing compared to textures and such.)