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"Indian" Headdress name change (quick suggestion)
The term "Indian" being used to refer to aboriginals has been considered offensive by many aboriginal peoples for a long time. The name should be changed to "Aboriginal Headdress" or at least "Native-American Headdress" to avoid causing any problems. I am not Aboriginal myself, but I do live in Canada and have known many Aboriginal peoples that would consider the current name offensive. I believe this should be a very quick and simple change that will help expand the community.
I admit, my examples weren't good. They aren't of the same background as the item the thread was originally about. With that in mind, I actually apologize, because I misunderstood the reasoning for which the discussion was caused, in the first place. Thank you for the response, it explained in better detail, what initially caused my disregard.

I'd also like to say that "to me this is just to cause a scene" was inappropriate, and in hindsight the "scene" was right to happen.
Me calling Maya selective was taken in the wrong sense, I meant them being selective about the item, as there are others that could be taken with similar notice (above I explain that I didn't see the full picture in that situation).

With that in mind, I fully support the item being renamed, to not have any unnecessary correlations, but I don't see any sense in deleting the item, simply because it already got its "rework".
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A few points here -
  • The more internationally recognized name is "indigenous." "Aboriginal" is still used by some in North America, but isn't as well known of a term throughout the rest of the world. "Indigenous" would be the preferred alternative here.
  • The headdress depicted by that item is a war bonnet. Using it as a fashion accessory or for fun is cultural appropriation. Within the culture of the indigenous peoples of the interior plains of North America, war bonnets are sacred pieces and have to be earned. Wearing something like this without earning it is highly disrespectful and shows a lack of understanding of the associated culture (which makes it a pretty clear case of cultural appropriation).
  • Any way you want to spin this, "Indian" is obviously the wrong term here and is considered pretty offensive by many.
In my opinion, the item should be completely removed from the game and those who own it should be refunded. My only fear would be that someone who owns it has legitimately earned it through inspiring and selfless actions within their tribe or rez, but that is pretty unlikely and I'd say that if that is the case with any particular player, that player can message staff about it and get the item back.

While that is so, there are a lot of cultural things that are used all the time. While I do see your point I dont think it is that serious. For example a wizard hat should only be granted to a wizard. The wood sandal shoe things could be said only japanese people can wear it but like it doesnt matter the culture its a game. Maybe a name change like just call it a headdress would be a better fit but completely removing it because it doesnt follow a culture just does not make sense. I am sorry if my argument makes you angered or if you disagree with it but I feel this is a happyish medium just a namechange of the item.
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Like I said... it's not only that it isn't a culture that we belong to, but that the referenced culture is one still being stomped out by colonialism as we speak and that the item has a lot of weight within that culture. It's not just a fun fashion accessory to them.

Breaking news : colonialism hasn't been a thing since the 60's. And how was that even a thing. What about the Mongolian empire which dominated half of Europe which resulted in the destruction of their culture and other unfortunate events. Why isn't anyone speaking about that? But nobody cares because the victims were white. Its only bad when they do it according to you.

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Again, that wasn't my point at all. You can adorn fashion from other cultures, but it has to be in good taste.

Either you have a good taste or not, that doesn't concern you in the slightest.

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Sombreros were made to keep farmers safe from the sun and are even sold to tourists in much of Mexico.
Katanas are simply weapons and though they played a good sized role in feudal Japan, they are still used in modern martial arts and are far from sacred.
The Viking shield's situation is almost identical to the katana's.

My point stands no matter how you try to twist it. Absolutely nobody complained about this being an issue until you made it an issue.

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You can adorn items which originate in other cultures. You misunderstand why the war bonnet is an issue.

Your entire point was that it had to be earnt, not brought. Which is entirely stupid by itself.

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Everyone doing whatever they wish is how cultures get stomped out, commodified, white washed. I just won't let that happen in the communities I'm a part of. You had no need for all this toxicity in your post. You completely misunderstood me and attacked me for it. Not cool.

So enjoying a culture you like : white washed. Yeah ok. I'm white washing (bear in mind I'm not even white, its just an example to show how busted her logic is) Japanese culture because I'm wearing a samurai outfit, definitely makes sense. How about the black washing of British culture nobody is talking about? Or about how European culture and history is being rewritten with non whites taking important figure roles?

I'm talking about this shit:

Gary Linker and his virtue signalling attempt to brainwash the public failed. He lives in one of the whitest areas in Britain and hasn't taken a single refugee home with him

The BBC with their anti white agenda rewriting British history with lies and deception

The BBC yet again with their agenda

Take a note that this is only a fraction of this bs. Why are you allowing this to happen?

And to add on, stop being obnoxious, then people wont be "toxic" to you anymore
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