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1 second = __ frames
How many frames ingame does it take to reach 1 second in toribash?
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update after searching google:

If toribash normally runs on 30 frames per second, does it mean 1 second = 30 frames?
Or is it 1 second = 60 frames?

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FPS stands for frames per second. If you check at the top of the game window, you’ll see a number — that’s how many frames you’re getting per second.

Low graphic settings caps at 30, and higher settings cap at 60. You can toggle off the cap using in-game commands, but it’ll look pretty odd.
Okay, thanks, so, for example I make a replay that has 120 frames ingame, will it only play 4 seconds or just simply 2 seconds?
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That depends on your frame rate and your computer, see above. It’s my understanding that the speed of the game depends solely on your framerate. If you’re playing at 30 FPS, it’ll play in 4 seconds. If you’re playing at 60 FPS, it should be around 2 seconds. A higher FPS obtained by unlocking your framerate should make the game go by faster as well.
Easy enough to test. If you assume engageheight is in centimeters and default gravity is 9.82 m/s^2, then a Tori falling from engageheight 100 will hit the floor in approximately 76 frames, which then corresponds to 0.451 seconds. So, 168-ish frames per second is the actual physics speed of Toribash?

Hrm. Seems strange. Someone care to give a second opinion on that?
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Yeah, you’re assuming the engageheight is centimeters and that the gravity is measured in meters per second. If these assumptions aren’t true then your measurement won’t match the calculation.

My guess is that these numbers are arbitrary and have no real world equivalents.
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60 is the "correct" render speed; 30 has always been either slower or a frame skip depending on the version.

The physics engine speed... well that's a whole other matter.

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what's the command to toggle the fps cap off?

/opt fixedframerate 0

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