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How to make a madman!

TIPS: As reference to below tutorial
1: Donít give up, keep trying until you get it
2: head dismembers generally come later in the replay, although starting with the head dismember is not looked down upon in any way.
3: You are not going to get it first try, single player is all about practice. Do it enough and youíll get it.
yes people yes, the 'e' key is the most important button for madmans EVER. Nobody can do it first try!

Well, If your reading this right now, you probably want to know how to make a madman

BUT before you go and try, my steps, lets look at a description of a madman
for a minuteÖ
(itís a general description, added opinions and/or definitions are welcome)

madman: a player versus an unintelligent rag doll that does not move. In this match, the intelligent player will dismember at least 5 dismembers, although the more dismembers you do, the better.

The steps!!!

INTRO: First up you want to enter single player with an idea of what you want to do, rambling about and pressing random joints isnít going to do you the trick, trust me..
For example #1(decap+split combo)<NOT A MADMAN: After watching toritastic, specifically the last scene inspired me to do something of the sort. In this replay I started with a very noobish move, but after I got uke into the air, I transferred to my own style. What I want you to do is watch this replay right now.

After you watched the replay and if youíre a noob you probably want to do what I did right away. BUT, first you must practice; it took me almost a month to get as good as I was.

1st Now, brainstorm on what you want to make this replay like!

You may not be able to get it exactly how you like because generally noobs stick with the simplest moves they can do. I want YOU, to try and move almost all of your joints in order to attain a decent punch or kickÖ For example, donít just contract your right pec, rotate, your chest left, and extend your left pec, see how much more strength that has?

What I have just taught you is probably the most important feature in a madmanÖ.

In every single hit you want to put in as much strength as you possibly can, in doing that it will most definitely have an immediate increase in skill in replays.

2nd Getting started!

What I want you to do is make a move that dismembers some joint, any joint is fine.
Also, make it look nice, do not crawl all over uke to dismember a joint, make it almost like a first touch dismember, or a grab ní rip dismember (to grab uke and rip his arm off or something of the sort).
Once you do this, save it. If it is following all the steps I have told you, your madman should be of decent quality.

Next, find a way to get another dismember. Depending on your position, you might have to turn the other way, or it could be as simple ad contracting your wrist. Every single situation is different so try all sorts of weird things.. Once you have the second dismember repeat that step again, get another. Donít forget to save over your first replay with one dismember with the second replay with two, unless you desire to keep the first.

Wow! Two dismembers your almost there! Three to two more and you made it!

Do the above step two more times!
Originally Posted by Aikanaro View Post
if you started doin some dismember, but than you failed with a kick or somethin, theres a good way to reedit the kick the r button after you failed the kick
-> the replay will nao run again the p button if you are some frames before the kick starts.
-> the replay will freeze
3. press shift + p to go frame by frame till you want to edit the kick again
4. press e and move better this time ;p

thx br0 ~pirate

TIPS FROM GREAT MADMAN MAKERS! splatter <vlad <vlad <shook <shlimmy <Linetori <Alexownz <bloodbath

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when you're in the game, press "B" then you see your ghost and uke's ghost, trust me, it's A LOT easier to aim kicks this way

10 REPLAYS(more included in links above)

replay: decap split combo is not a madman it is an example and skill and torque

replay: moar skillz is at the brink of a madman, many people would not consider it a madman.

replay: 00cool is definitely a madman. sorry for the long turnframes the madman stops at about 1600 frames the rest is dancing

replay: very quick madman(splatters). Has lots of different things that is good in it. He adds momentum on ass his punched and kicks...

replay: 41 meters high spin..NOT A MADMAN but an example of adding lots of momentum into your extremely good example...

replay: me likez. Indeed a madman, very flowing, not so much torque but this had very technical things involved with it, it took me a very long time to get each of the dismembers

FirstMadman: As the title says, my first end-result. Took about five or six edits to get everything right, as I kept losing the odd hand or arm here and there. There's a bit of a lull in the dismemberments in the middle, and I'm sure I could have torn apart the torso near the end, but when I get to the point where all that's left is tearing apart the pieces into even smaller pieces, I find I tend to lose patience with getting everything just right.

SystematicDismemberment: I love how this one turned out. I was just messing around, and noticed that I managed to cut Uke pretty cleanly in half, the sever an arm at the pec. At that point, I wanted to see if I could actually do something intentionally instead of just screwing around and hoping for the best. So, I set out to sever the other arm at the same point and then take apart everything that was left within my reach...

KickyMadmanFinal: Everything except for the very last dismemberment is done entirely with the legs/feet.

SDPartsEverywhere: Probably my favorite SP replay (of the ones I've done). There's quite a bit of carnage (Uke ends up in ten different pieces), but the neat thing is that I managed to do it in basically three individual "moves".


Other replays + comments are included in the links under "tips from great madman makers"
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