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Ability to load atmospheres in conjunction with mods
Brought it up in discord. It was discussed pretty heavily and aggressively but I still think it has room to grow.

It’d be a good idea to add an auto-load function for atmospheres when a specific mod is loaded.
A friend of mine made a mod where a custom atmosphere was made to compliment the mod. However because the feature to load atmospheres along with mods hasn’t been added, the mod never got as big of a name as it deserved.

Although the main purpose would be cosmetic, it would also add a lot of functionality in bypassing the current mod maker limits of 128 objects. Blocks that would usually have been used to make scenery can now be used towards functionality in the mod while the atmosphere does the rest of the work.

In addition, this would also mean that toribash only has to render the graphical shape of the object, instead of the collision as well. I’m not entirely sure if that’s going to save on cpu or not though.

It was also brought up that it could be used to a higher degree in TBN.
using the same idea, you can make an atmosphere that holds a lot of information about the environment, such as an actual video screen, more complicated structures, scenery and other things that can be loaded into a mod automatically without too much trouble. I understand that this already exists to an extent within TBN, but with some tweaking, it’d be a good way to introduce non-colliding objects into a mod that would otherwise have to be manually loaded in

In both ideas, you can add an option to turn on or off the feature, which would save strain on old computers. It’d be similar to graphical settings for TBN, and a great addition for mod makers in TB.

-Ease of access for mods that already have an atmosphere modelled for them
-a way to bypass the mod maker without putting more strain on servers
-more ways to add detail into mods without wasting objects

-Introduction to graphical settings
-Nabi is able to offload the work of optimization on large, detail-oriented maps onto their creators instead of their developers

I’m sure there’s more that can be useful here, I just don’t know yet.
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For atmos to be implemented global rather than local, they would have to be stored in servers, and with the limitless possibilities it has, then it has to have some sort of automatic size/poly limitations.

Also if we're going with the average poly limit of 1500, and only using cubes, then you will have ~128 objects in the atmo which is kind of the actual limit in mod maker, granted that it is very different.

Regarding performance, you can have complex shapes using less resources and the messy ambient occlusion won't happen. Also, as you pointed out, 3d having no collision has less impact on the processor, so a big plus from that side.

The one thing is that atmos should, or were supposed to be general and not mod specific. While the idea sounds cool, having structures that can mess visually in other mods defeat the purpose, of course that's avoided if the atmo unloads with regular mods.

I wonder if the steam workshop could be used to host these kind of things, because having a single atmo for a single mod is just, kind of too much of a waste.

A lot of stuff can be done locally if you want to mess with edits and other stuff, but when you want to bring the changes for all to use you have to think of these things.