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[REL] Unlimited Movesaver
This script can record any amount of moves. The only limit is how many you can fit on your screen.

Saves joints and grips.
Updated 26.5.2010

- Press F1 to open the list. Click with mouse to open the menu for selected item. Select the option. F1 to close.
- Write "/ec save MOVE NAME" to save a new move. (Without quotes.)
- Write "/ec save1 MOVE NAME" or "/ec save2 MOVE NAME" to save the move by player 1 or player 2. (Useful for multiplayer.)
- Write "/ec width NUMBER" to change the width of the menu. (eg. /ec width 150)
- Write "/ec set key" to change the menu key.
- Press U to quickly mirror the current move.

Tip: load the move quickly by double clicking on it.

- Download MoveMemory.lua to c:/games/toribash-3.9/data/script (Or wherever your TB is)
- Launch Toribash and go to Settings->Utils->Scripts, select MoveMemory.lua and press Load

Moves are saved in /data/scripts/moves.txt.

Download Mirror: Dropbox
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