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[Vape] Team Vapor


Our goal is to gather all vapers within the toribash community so we can relate and discuss everything about vaping, whether you're in it for a hobby or trying to get off of cigarettes, if you vape, you're welcome here!

How to join:

Our first requirement is that you must vape.
Second is that you must post what kind of vape you have, mechanical mods, regulated mods, e-cigs, RDA's, sub-ohm tanks, etc..


There are rules within every organization.
For this one in particular, you must not dis others for whatever kind of vape they have, and you can't come in here to hate on vaping. We don't want you posting here if you're gonna shit on what we do.

Team Vapor Members:

Leader: Kunt

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bitchass kozmonaut
Smok sub-ohm. Gotta get that raspberry cheesecake.
Just quit smoking cigs new years.
Nkw gotta get off that Mary
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Hey mike, didnt know you vaped, added ya

I have a Reuleaux rx2/3 with a goon RDA and some dual fused claptons, it runs at 0.13 ohms and i run it at 70 watts. using cotton bacon bits and some 3 mg strawberry jam monster, i cant get enough of this juice
bitchass kozmonaut
heyo, I would like to join you guys
mod: Kanger KBOX Mini
tank: SUBTANK Mini
battery: LG HE2 30A
Yes, I use kanger subox mini starter kit.
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No problem with that My friend has a kbox, he recently upgraded to a Wismec Predator though

Adding you to the list
bitchass kozmonaut
I guess I can do art for OP, but later, in about 10th may or smth
[00:07] <BlueEvil> Violets are blue, roses are red, all the time i say this, delayer gets wet.

Mods: Istick Pico 75w, Rogue(clone)
Tank: TFV8 baby beast
RDA: Goon(rip after autofire)
Batteries: Lg HE4 25A, 2x Sony VTC4
Coming soon: Apocalypse 2 Kit
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One of my buddies has the Pico, not a bad mod. Those baby beasts are super cool, im more of an RDA guy though, i still rock sub ohm tanks from time to time tho. The goon is my favorite RDA right now, the build deck is huge, im in love with it What happened to it? Did it autofire and kill the coils? Usually mods have chips that prevent that sort of thing, like they stop firing after 10 seconds etc.. I need to get some VTC4's, just have some LG HG2 INR's right now, stock batteries from my vape shop. Dont know anything about the apocalypse 2 kit, i'll look it up tho
bitchass kozmonaut